domenica 5 luglio 2015


On my shoes!
Here dear readers after a long search I can finally show you my last super love in terms of shoes....the super trendy TOMS...aka dig glitters and I had to have shiny stuff on my feet!
It was hard to find my size in this model, so when I finally found them I bought them straight away! I don't think I would have found them on sale...with some items it's just like that: take it or leave it. So I took it!
Here I combined them with a satin shirt and a silvered clutch by Birger et Mikkelsen. The idea was to create an everyday but elegant outfit. It's a bit "springish" 'cause that day in Oslo it was a bit chilly, but here's the result!
Hope you like it!
Have a wonderful Sunday!
Xoxo Elisir 


sabato 4 luglio 2015

Feeling California

Even if you're in Oslo! ��
Hello guys! Here a Saturday outfit for you! Here in Oslo the summer is finally arrived and I can tell you that after a loooong winter everyone is flourishing in the sun! 
I took those pics with my boyfriend at Aker Brygge. It feels so nice a bite of summer for us living in the north finally. The Norwegian summer is amazingly beautiful with those long and clean lights and we wait for it all year long. The interesting aspect of Norwegian summer holidays is that when finally the best time of the year comes here, it's when Norwegians go on holiday�� I am serious, like the schools are closed so u have to go on holiday in July (that's my future since I have a child). Maybe I should consider buying a summer house in Norway and travel in Asia in winter as many Scandinavians do ��.
Anyhow here we enjoy every single moment so sun! Soon legs out and smile on your face! I am feeling in Caliy even if I am here in the north!
I finish saying have a great week end all of you!
A big hug!
Xoxo Elisir 


giovedì 2 luglio 2015

Milano in green

Hello guys!
I shoot those pics during my last trip in Milano. Me, my sister Juliet, my mother, my baby and my boyfriend we all went to have lunch at Eataly (I so love the fried mixed seafood...yeah one of those situations where you feel like saying " f***k the diet")and then we had a walk in the new amazing area of Porta Nuova/ Piazza Gae Aulenti. The architecture is really interesting there. The newest projects are those skyscrapers that host proper gardens all along the facades.
I didn't do it on purpose but I was matching the green around me wearing a super nice jumpsuit by Bik Bok. I know...I am crazy for jumpsuit at the moment! They are so easy to wear and I found them very trendy and stylish!
Of course after an ice cream at Grom, if you are around the city I recommend a walk in Corso Como where you can visit the famous multi brand store "10 Corso Como" and head down to the center passing by Via Della Moscova. Those who say that Milano is not a nice city?!? no green?!? I don't get you! I love my city, especially as a tourist! 
If you have questions about the city or you are planning to travel over there for the summer, please don't hesitate to contact me for tips!
Have an awesome day!
Xoxo Elisir 

SANDALS Les Tropeziennes
BAG Balenciaga

martedì 30 giugno 2015

The New Look

Hey guys!
As you might have noticed I am working on giving a new look to Elisir of Life.
I want to give a good kick up to the views at this blog and in order to do that I believe it's needed a fresh new look. 
Why am I doing this? Well I started to blog years ago a bit for fun and a bit because when you live abroad, a blog is a nice way to keep the people you love in touch with you. I am really enjoying doing this even though sometimes it is a bit hard timewise. And lately I am really getting interested in trying to monetarize my efforts since I am already spending a lot of my time and other people time and energies. Moreover I am no millionaire so I am trying to figure out how to make more photo shooting and therefore more outfits without spending all my money in clothes...especially now that I have a family. Ok ok, I admit I am a fashion victim and I will always be but I cannot go "crazy" as I used to do when I was a single. I have some tricks that implies "loans" and "returns" of clothes but still. The pictures? I am so lucky to have a very patient and talented boyfriend that helps me, but regarding anything else I have to find my way up to sponsor Elisir of Life. Any ideas? Let me know. 
In addition to this I really love to blog and especially when it comes to my passions like fashion, travels and my family now. So what's my passion? All the beautiful things in my life. From that the name of this blog!�� I am so lucky and happy and to blog it is a way to express my love even in an artistic way. I can mix fashion and travels with photography and so nice if this could turn into being a job for me? Mega plus...I already work in fashion! So my life, my work! 
I started to work in fashion a bit by "mistake" when I took a job in the showroom of Prada in Milan to pay my studies in Political science at the university. Life wanted me to stick to fashion I guess cause I always worked in fashion even when I tried to work in other fields. And you know what? It's hard but I love it and it suits me! So when I moved to Oslo I went to a fashion school always while I was working.
Now I feel it's time to make flourish all my talents, efforts and passions!
So here's my new look and if you have tips or ideas to give me, plz let me know what you think!
Thanks in advance for supporting me!
Bye-bye old look...and welcome to a successful future!
Xoxo Elisir

domenica 28 giugno 2015

Colors in Venice

As we always want to make our beloved happy, thid time the chance came with fulfilling one of Roberto's dreams...a trip to Venice!
We left Milano pretty early in the morning and around lunch time we were already walking around the small streers of that amazingly beautiful city! Canal Grande, Piazza San Marco, Venezia è un sogno (Venice is a dream).
If you are travelling with a stroller I highly recommend to make sure you have strong arms to help you!
The dress I was wearing is a campionario, so that means it's a unique piece ;-) I found it in a street market in Milan, I love it!
Xoxo elisir