Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Hippy Deluxe Style

Hello everybody!
Yesterday evening we landed safe and sound to Algarve! It was a nice flight, where I even met a super nice colleague of mine :)
This morning we have been to the beach :) Very very nice, and since now Gabriel is giving me a breake while he's sleeping, I am going to use this time to talk with you about a trend that is expanding from summer to winter: The Hippy Deluxe Style!
Inspired by the 70', use colors like orange, brown, burgundy and deep blue.
Materials: silk, velvet, lace and cotton,
Wear high-heels as sandals or flats...what matters is the quality!
Get inspired by Etro and Chloe A/W 2015/2016!

Have a wonderful evening!
xoxo elisir

The Hippy Deluxe

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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The New Bohemian with American Eagle Outfitters

On a rush again! In few hours we have the flight to Portugal! One week to enjoy the last bite of summer! Yeeeehhhh!!!!!
I am super happy! :))) Specially when I see that here in Oslo it`s raining...we are leaving with good timing! hihi!
I create a set with American eagle Outfitters products! The New Bohemian style is the one I am gonna wear in Portugal. Perfect for the end of the summer. Packing packing!!!!
I will keep you posted from there!
Have a lovely day all of you!
Xoxo travelling Elisir

The New Bohemian with American Eagle Outfitters: Contest Entry

Saturday, August 29, 2015


Good morning everybody!!!!
How are you? :) I feel great! Maybe because my baby let me sleep a bit more decently than the usual :) eheh!
In such a good mood I was thinking to share with you the perfect end-of-the-summer day outfit!
Between fresh breeze and delightful sunlight today I am wearing a denim dress combined with a pair of vintage sandals and my amazing Beck Sondergaard bag!
Denim is always KING!
Have a fantastic saturday!!!!
Xoxo Elisa

Denim Dress by Zara and Bag Beck Sodergaard

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Copenhagen_The Video

Hello my super beloved friends and followers!
I am sorry i didn`t write for a couple of days but my baby has been keeping me veeeeeeeery veeeeeery busy! It`s so hard some days. Basically the last days he has to keep me always under his sight...and I mean ALWAYS. Anytime I disappear from his view he starts to cry!!! OMG! Honestly I would have never thought I would have ever has such a success with a man! :D

Anyhow my boyfriend finished the editing of the Copenhagen video and I thought it would have been nice to share! :)))

Have a look and don`t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel! A lot of funny videos to come!!!!!! :)))
Have a lovely day!
xoxo Elisir

Monday, August 24, 2015

Sharing a secret! My Summer Eau de Parfum

Good morning friends!
How are you? I hope you have had a great weekend! I feel a bit better :)
Today I want to share with you something very be honest usually I don`t like to tell people which kind of perfume I am wearing because I think that it`s a kind of secret. It`s a part of your way of being that belongs your personality. A perfume is something very personal that does not fit everybody the same way. Did you know that perfume reacts differently on people skin depending on people hormones? Unbelievable but true!
In any case, I would feel a total egoist not sharing with you how superlative is the new perfume I bought for this summer. It`s more than a perfume, this is a dream!!!! When I wear it I feel like I am walking in a fresh summer breeze, I feel I am in Paris, and I feel like I am the Woman of the year :)
Et voila`...I am talking about Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel, of course!
Whats`s the secret behind the Maison Chanel and their eau de parfum...I don`t know but it`s totally magic!
Something to wear whenever you want to feel wonderful!
Have a fantastic start of the week!
Xoxo Elisir
Coco Mademoiselle, Chanel

 Coco Mademoiselle: The Film - CHANEL

Check out the video! We love Keira! And... WHO IS THE PHOTOGRAPHER in the film?!? That`s how you want to feel! :))

Xoxo Elisir

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Flower Dress byTiMo

Good morning everybody!
What a shiny day here in Oslo!!! I have to say that the last couple of weeks the weather has been just PERFECT here! :) So enjoyable! Not too warm, not too cold, the perfect fresh air! Amazing!
Of course me and Gabriel got sick....!eheh! Typical! But nothing serious. it`s just a cold :/
Anyhow, what to wear in such a lovely weather?!? A flower dress, of course! :)) hihi!
Excuse me, but I cannot wait showing off my last purchase in one of those store where you pass by all the time and you thing: "OMG; here everything is amazing...I could buy basically everything...How can I afford this?!...maybe I ask a loan to my boyfriend...maybe I use the credit card...maybe I can propose to my boyfriend to start a diet and we all eat just white rice and soup for one any case it`s bikini time and we both have a bit of a belly.... maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe...."...Well, unfortunately for my mom she was the one there with me when my eyes stopped on this dress! ahah! My debt with that woman is growing and growing...ooops!
So, here it`s me wearing my amazingly amazing floral dress by byTiMo :)
Applause granted! Thanks! ;)

Have a lovely Sunday!
Xoxo Elisir

Flower dress byTiMo

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Tricky Trend? No stress! How to wear pencil skirt and sneakers

Hello everybody! :)

Pencil skirt + sneakers. Does it sound like a tricky trend?!? Of course not! With the right products and the right style you don`t have to stress about it!
Trust me, you don`t have to be a model to fit properly a tight skirt and no heels. So, how to wear this super trend?

* with a crop-top if your belly is flat! ;) Lucky you!
* with a oversized t-shirt or a t-shirt/shirt if you have gone wild with food and drinks during summer holidays! I feel you!
* with a co-ordinate set (top and skirt in the same color/pattern) if your goal is to lengthen the silhouettes 
* wear it at work? Combine it with a shirt and a blazer
* wanna rock it? Take out of your wardrobe your biker jacket!
* Accessories? better to keep them small. A clutch is your best friend!
* No matter if you are tall or not that tall. As long as you know how to balance proportions and body-shape!

Have a look at the set I created below and get inspired!
Do you like it? :)) Let me know your opinion about it! 

Xoxo Elisir

Tricky Trend